August 15, 2013

Time to celebrate!

Today the phone I got for my cake business started ringing so much that I immediately went to the Finnish Business Information System's website, and there it was: Kotileipomo Juhlakuu has been registered to the Trade Register!

With this news, also the cake-related posts from this blog will move to a new address, and from now on posts of cakes and edible decorations can be found in

August 12, 2013

Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon cake, vol.2

This is already my second Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon cake. The first one I made for my brother last Christmas.

Although you'd think it would be easier to make this the second time, this too did take some hours to execute!

I have to admit that the cake decorator in me is already eagerly waiting for cooler weather and dryer indoor air. In this humid weather even the mobile air conditioning unit doesn't seem to help much, and this cake needed to be decorated partly inside the fridge, as the fondant started to sweat every time it was taken out. :)

Sugar fondant piggies

I was asked to make separate pig decorations such as in my Swimming pigs twix cake, so here they are.

I would have loved to change the design on more than one pig, but the rather humid weather decided against it - so the jump-diving pig will have to wait. :)

The diver pig comes with a snorkel, but I couldn't have that in the picture.

Angry Birds Christmas cake

This cake's assignment was interesting, as the cake was supposed to have "King Pig, ordinary pig, that red birds and 3 little blue birds watching tv on the sofa with Christmas hats on". The sofa however was agreed to be changed to planks.

The flavour this time was supposed to be strawberry without quark, so I replaced the quark with mascarpone.

Congratulations Ville, 9 years old!

August 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Blog!

Today it has been a year since I started this blog, but because I've been busy with things related to starting my own business as well as a couple of cake orders needed to be done this weekend, I haven't had the time to celebrate in any way.

Even the picture used in this post has been borrowed from another 1st Birthday cake :)

But nevertheless...


August 8, 2013

Robot cupcakes

Earlier this summer I made animal parade cupcakes for my cousin's son's birthday party, and this time I was asked to make robot/space themed cupcakes for her other son.

I was again given a theme-appropriate cupcake set, and was asked to use the same recipe again.

This time though I dyed the frosting with black paste colour and sprinkled some edible silver luster dust on top.

Because there were going to be 24 cupcakes, and because my oven can only hold 12 at a time, I made the cupcake batter in two separate bowls from the start. In all the excitement though I accidentally forgot to divide the amount of eggs by two (half in each bowl), and only when my cousin was already on her way did I realize that I had accidentally used double the amount of eggs than I was supposed to. Oh no. 
I hope these cupcakes are not going to taste absolutely horrible... :(

August 1, 2013

Follow your dreams - from hobby to business

Follow your dreams

A little over a year ago I was pulled into the wonderful world of unique cake making, and I can safely say that there has been real progress in the execution since then.

With my blog's first birthday just around the corner, it's been a good time to do something radical, and so I decided to turn my hobby into a business.

For those dreaming of the same thing, it's not easy. But after all the paper work and studying of the law, the feeling when you receive your own business ID is absolutely fantastic!

One aid in helping to reach my goal has undoubtedly been the interior sticker (text designed by me) attached to my bedroom wall when I moved into my new home three years ago, which every morning and every night reminds me to follow my dreams.

Now I only have to wait for the company name to be registered, and after that we'll see what the future may hold... :)

Paper work in preparation of starting up a business

Private trader start-up notification
finally ready to be posted
This is where it all begun...                                                              ...and this is where it's now
Both of these cakes I made for my nephew's birthday, one year apart.